About Vivien Teu & Co LLP

Vivien Teu & Co is a Hong Kong solicitors firm established in early 2015, and entered into association with reputable leading China law firm, Llinks Law Offices.  Vivien Teu & Co registered as a limited liability partnership effective 21 January 2017.

At Vivien Teu & Co, we are dedicated to providing legal services for clients at the highest standards to meet their needs in today’s complex and dynamic business and regulatory environment.    Established with the philosophy of a boutique law firm focusing on the areas of corporate, securities,  asset management and financial services, our lawyers are experienced in advising international and local corporations, including large global institutions, listed entities, industry conglomerates, as well as international, Hong Kong and China banks, securities, asset management and private equity firms.

As a Hong Kong law firm founded with people closely connected and dedicated to Hong Kong, we understand the unique culture and position of Hong Kong as a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China and versus the rest of the world.  We know what makes Hong Kong special and the opportunities that it presents, but also the challenges and potential pitfalls to avoid.  Our aim is to assist our clients in getting to understand Hong Kong and its business, legal and regulatory environment as well as we do and where it matters in their corporate and commercial transactions and business activities in the Greater China region.

Beyond navigating legal and regulatory risks, we are also about tracking and identifying challenges and prospects for new frontiers for our clients as business or regulatory landscape develops and changes.   In Hong Kong, this means a strong connection in everything we do with the rapid growth, development and internationalisation of China and Chinese corporations and institutions.   At such critical crossroad of an era, our team is equipped with both deep local and China knowledge in the context of solid international experience, ready to help our clients and leverage Hong Kong’s role to bridge the world to China, China to the world.  It is a strategic time, at the cusp of the next key phases of China’s economic development including its domestic economic restructuring, China outbound investments and expansion, further opening up of capital account cross border flows and internationalisation of the Renminbi.

All these in a fast-changing Hong Kong and global business and technology macro and micro eco-system.  The future is here, and we are committed to providing legal support and partnership to our clients in exploring, assessing and embracing the possibilities.