Financial Services

Our financial services practice is a distinct practice area but a complementary extension of our core asset management practice.  With the unique and specialist knowledge, experience and understanding of our asset management lawyers, we recognise the need and importance of providing holistic legal support and services to our clients in areas closely related to asset management, investment services, investment funds and products. Whether clients are providers or users of such services or products, we believe our expertise and dedicated focus on the financial services industry would also bring tremendous value to clients in these areas.

Wealth management – Our lawyers are experienced in advising financial institutions in establishing wealth management platform and navigating regulatory changes that come with opportunities or challenges.  Besides platform building, we also provide legal assistance or advice on issues and documentation relating to product design and product development, product implementation and distribution, to meet the wealth management needs of private or high net worth clients.

Private Wealth Management & Family Offices

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Private Banking – Closely related to our wealth management practice, but again taking a holistic approach, our private banking practice is aimed to assist and support our clients who are financial institutions developing private banking in this part of the world to meet the rising needs and demands of growing private wealth in Asia particularly China.  With our understanding of both Hong Kong and China banking, securities and financial regulatory framework, we are well-placed to offer legal and regulatory insights as our clients develop new frontiers in products and services to meet the unique needs of high net worths here.

Trusts and Succession Planning – Our lawyers are experienced in advising both financial institutions as well as private clients on legal issues and documentation for establishing private trusts or otherwise developing effective and thoughtful succession planning.

Tax Structuring – In connection with our asset management and broader financial services practice, where relevant or where requested by clients, our lawyers may advise on related tax issues and putting in place appropriate tax structuring for effective tax planning for our clients’ business activities or private affairs.

Banking and Finance – Our general corporate and commercial practice experience extends to providing legal advice or assistance on general or bespoke banking and financial arrangements that our clients may require in their business activities or private financial affairs.

Whether it is any of these specific areas or any other areas of financial services, we are dedicated to providing our support and services with our consistent philosophy of delivering highest quality standards and putting our clients’ interests first.

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